Santander – Get Benefits – Credit Cards & Account Activation

Santander – You may use your Santander credit or debit card wherever you go. Check the contactless symbol to discover where you may use your contactless card.

Most Santander cards charge extra fees when used abroad. In certain nations, cash is still the preferred method of payment. If you’re going someplace exotic, bring some cash with you.


Santander – Get Benefits – Credit Cards & Account Activation

How much does it cost to use my Santander Credit Cards abroad?

Spending money overseas with a debit or credit card incurs costs.

Visa & Mastercard.

Santander’s bank cards include a wide range of fees. To find out whether your card is Visa or Mastercard, you must first learn if it is a Visa or Mastercard. This company handles transactions for Santander, while another one provides your card. That means Visa or Mastercard calculates the currency rate for your purchases while you’re gone. Look for the emblem on your card to see which it uses.

Currency markups

Consider a Santander Visa debit card. When you spend, the bank will convert your purchase into GBP using Visa’s daily exchange rate. A slight markup will be applied to the actual exchange rate seen on Google. When you pay in local currency, the rates are generally reasonable. If you are charged in GBP, you may face excessive markups due to Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). But more later.

According to experts that have studied the currency rates provided throughout time, Mastercard provides slightly better rates than Visa.

¹ However, the variations are minor and vary by location and currency. Your card exchange rate against the mid-market exchange rate may be compared online.

Visa2 and Mastercard3 provide daily exchange rates between various currencies on their websites.


Additionally, a non-sterling transaction charge, non-sterling purchase fee, or non-sterling cash cost will be deducted by Santander. More later.

ATM fees

Additional fees may apply if you withdraw cash from an ATM. Santander charges at least £1.994 – and in some instances considerably more – when you use most of their cards overseas, and individual banks or ATM operators may impose additional costs.

Currency Conversion (DCC)

Remember DCC? A pop-up window will appear asking for payment in GBP instead of the local currency. It may seem like a little convenience, but it should be avoided.

DCC is wherever your card is accepted abroad. At an ATM, café, or shop. Usually pay in local currency since DCC’s foreign currency conversion rates are always low. In this instance, the local business or ATM sets the prices. Unlike your bank, a foreign supplier has no responsibility to ensure your satisfaction. As a result, you pay over the odds for no actual gain.

Rates on credit cards

Recall that currency withdrawals on a credit card have no grace period, so you begin paying interest immediately.

These are just guidelines, since various card kinds may vary. When using the Gold Visa debit card5 or the World Elite Mastercard4, you won’t be charged international transaction fees as long as you avoid DCC.


I will need to contact my local Santander office and have them transfer the funds from my credit or debit card if it is lost or stolen while I am travelling?

When on vacation, you should plan for how you’ll deal if your card is lost or stolen.

If your card is stolen while you’re travelling overseas, you must immediately notify Santander of the theft.

It is also dependent on the kind of card you have, as Santander may assist you in this way. Additionally, holding one of the premium cards may entitle you to additional assistance. Let’s use a practical example. Say you have a Gold Visa, and in most instances, you can get an emergency card or cash in a hurry. Also, if you have a World Elite Mastercard, your replacement card will be sent to you in 2 days or less. 

Use the following information to let the credit card provider know your card is missing:

  • if you’re outside the UK, call +44 1908 237 963 to talk to an English-speaking representative
  • In case of an emergency, you may reach us any time of the day or night using this toll-free number: 0800 670 620 (+44 1512 648 725 if you’re outside of the UK.)

You may choose for insurance that offers additional security over and above what Santander provides, especially if your card is taken while you’re overseas. Use your bank or an insurance provider to arrange this. But, this will need payment. Bring your insurance documents with you when you travel, just in case.


Let’s talk about the advantages Santander Credit Cards.

  • This is especially great for regular travellers who have access to over 1,000 airport lounges and have access to over a million global wi-fi hotspots.
  • No need to worry about fees on foreign purchases or cash withdrawals when you take it with you on vacation.
  • commodity-back on your daily spending, with the opportunity to take advantage of Santander Retailer Offers
  • 24-hour on-ca ll concierge service
  • Thanks to the same 0% timeframe on both purchases and balance transfers, the transaction is simple to handle.
  • It may be controlled from your phone or via the web.
  • Lounge access is available to additional cards, with no extra cost.
  • 40% off on Santander Travel Insurance when you apply via the online application

Get access to ‘experiences’ like Priceless Cities, World Elite discounts, and hotel and vehicle rental savings via Mastercard Priceless Cities, as well as discounts on travel and leisure using World Elite.


What are the drawbacks Santander Credit Cards?

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  • To join the Select Santander service, you must have an account at one of their branches.
  • Lenders may demand credit checks for certain people before accepting their application.
  • a charge of $15 a month
  • The highest credit availability rate
  • When making several transactions or incurring a balance transfer, the number of 0% interest long-term loans increase.

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